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Testimonials from Our Team Members

At Hamilton Bank, we place our business customers at the center of every transaction. It's our approach to helping you and your business.

  • Image of Patti Long

    Patti Long

    I was raised that if I was good to people and do the right thing it would come back to me.  At Hamilton, I feel right at home! Our team shares these same beliefs making it so easy to develop great relationships with our clients.

    Direct phone: 410-616-1980

  • Image of John Berger

    John Berger

    Construction financing can be intimidating.  With more than 20 years experience in this field I can help make the process go smoothly and celebrate with you and your new home.

    Direct phone: 410-616-1974

  • Image of Ellen Fish

    Ellen Fish

    There is an old saying, customers may forget what we said, but they will never forget how we made them feel.  At Hamilton we are all about providing a superior customer experience.

    Direct phone: 410-616-1867

  • Image of Holly Hogan

    Holly Hogan

    Whether a piece of advice, or just peace of mind, I’m here to help your business succeed.

    Direct phone: 410-616-1849

  • Image of Brian Taylor

    Brian Taylor

    Trust, understanding and knowledge are key elements of the valued partnership I want to build with your company.

    Direct phone: 410-616-1966

  • Image of Connie Hess

    Connie Hess

    Accountability to our customers is the hallmark of our approach. Whether it be as your trusted advisor, providing you the products necessary to help your business thrive and grow or assisting you with the functionality of our services; we are accountable to you as a resource and partner.   Together we both grow!

    Direct phone: 410-616-1982

  • Image of Mara Sierocinski

    Mara Sierocinski

    I am passionate about helping your business realize potential growth in profitability.   I am a member of your team, offering insights on financial analysis, and solutions.   I want to help your business succeed.

    Direct phone: 410-616-1078

  • Image of Mark Delucca

    Mark DeLucca

    We aren’t just looking to make loans, we are looking to build relationships.

    Direct phone: 410-616-1871

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