19-Month Add-On CD

Limited Time Promotional Offer

19-Month Add-On CD

2.85% APY*

Rate is accurate as of 11/21/18

• $2,500 Minimum Opening Deposit and Earn APY*
• Interest is Compounded Daily and Credited Monthly
• UNLIMITED Deposits may be made to CD*
• Penalty for Early Withdrawals

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19-Month Add-On CD

What’s An Add-On CD?

An Add-On CD gives you more flexibility than a traditional CD because you can make deposits throughout the term to help you save faster and consolidate other other CDs and Money Markets as they expire. Add-On CDs are ideal for savers looking to get the best interest rate possible with the flexibility of adding funds over a 19-month term.

19-Month Add-On CD
2.85% APY*

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*APY (Annual Percentage Yield)
Minimum amount of each additional deposit is $250. Maximum CD balance $250,000. Accounts subject to fees could reduce the earnings on the account.
This promotion is for “new money” only. Funds currently on deposit with Hamilton Bank cannot be used for this promotion.

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