Dreaming of a Home Renovation?

A Home Equity Line of Credit Makes it Possible.

Home Equity Line of Credit Promotional Annual Percentage Rate: 3.24% APR*

Promotion ends soon! Get started today!

*Introductory Promotional Rate for first 9 months, then converting to a variable rate based on Wall Street Journal Prime Rate.

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When You Have Needs, We Have Options

As a local bank, we focus on loans that will strengthen and improve our neighborhoods and families. And because we offer a number of options, you have choices—and you’ll like the choices. Why? Because we have some of the lowest interest rates in Greater Baltimore.

Rate Details

Rates and terms subject to change without notice and may vary based on credit worthiness, loan to value, loan amount, etc.

Rates are accurate as of March 20, 2019

Term Rate APR Points Monthly Payment per $1,000 Borrowed
30 Year 4.375% 4.469% 0.000 $4.99
30 Year 4.250% 4.374% 0.375 $4.92
20 Year 4.250% 4.378% 0.000 $6.19
20 Year 4.125% 4.310% 0.500 $6.13
15 Year 3.875% 4.034% 0.000 $7.33
15 Year 3.750% 3.945% 0.250 $7.27
10 Year 3.875% 4.105% 0.000 $10.07
10 Year 3.750% 4.032% 0.250 $10.01
30 Year Jumbo
4.625% 4.672% 0.000 $5.14
30 Year Jumbo 4.500% 4.568% 0.250 $5.07
15 Year Jumbo 4.250% 4.329% 0.000 $7.52
15 Year Jumbo 4.125% 4.222% 0.125 $7.46
Individual Lot Loans 5.000% 6.125% 1.000 $4.17
30 Year Construction-Perm Loans
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Adjustable Rate Loans Call for rates

Permanent loans: $20,000.00 minimum loan amount – owner occupied; Purchases – Maximum Loan to Value (LTV) may not exceed 95%. Refinances – Maximum Loan to Value (LTV) may not exceed 90%.

Individual lot loans: 2 year term – interest only. Maximum Loan to Value (LTV) may not exceed 75%.

Construction Permanent loans:
Maximum Loan to Value (LTV) may not exceed 95%.
One settlement.

Jumbo Loans: Loan Amounts over $484,350.00
Maximum Loan to Value (LTV) may not exceed 80%.

– Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is calculated with loan balance assumption of $200,000.00 excluding Jumbo Loans.
– Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is calculated with loan balance assumption of $517,501.00 for Jumbo Loans.
– Rates are subject to change
– Escrow may be required. Escrow not included in cost per $1,000 amounts.
– One point equals 1% of amount borrowed.
– Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is required on all loans in excess of 80% LTV.
– Property Insurance is required.

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