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Hamilton Bank and Orrstown Bank have officially merged to provide you with a wider range of products and services through more locations and digital channels.  For more information about our transition, please visit our welcome page by clicking the Learn More button below.

Effective May 1, 2019

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UPDATE: All Hamilton Bank offices are closed today (2/20/19) due to weather. Please be safe if you are on the roads.

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Whether you’re looking for ways to better manage your cash flow, expand your payment solutions or reduce unnecessary trips to the bank, Hamilton Bank has a full line of cash management products and services to help you achieve your goal.

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

With Hamilton Bank’s Source Capture you can save time and money by reducing or eliminating extra trips to the bank to make deposits. Experience same day credit on deposits made prior to 6:00 pm EST Provides flexibility in processing deposits around the clock, 7 days per week

Online Banking

With Hamilton Bank’s Business Online Banking you can securely access your accounts, manage your investments, pay bills, transfer funds, download history into accounting software and more.

Wire Transfer Services & Notification

Wire Transfer is the only way to transfer funds to other financial institutions and achieve same-day availability. Fully integrated with Hamilton Bank’s online banking, you can move money to other banks, virtually anywhere, with ease and security with Hamilton Bank’s flexible wire transfer service.

Direct Deposit Payroll

An easy and affordable solution for you to pay your employees.  Direct Deposit can streamline payroll operations, increase productivity, and save money for your business.

ACH Origination

Reduce costs while disbursing funds by eliminating paper checks, Initiate recurring payments to your vendors, improve cash flow by initiating debits from your customer accounts for faster payment of invoices.

Positive Pay

You can securely import your check issue file into Hamilton Bank’s Online Banking service. As items are presented for payment, our validation process quickly identifies checks that are inconsistent with the data provided. Allows you to review suspicious items efficiently and make timely payment decisions

Fraud Prevention Tools

Eliminate potential fraudulent activity through electronic channels. Hamilton Bank has fraud prevention tools which will give you peace of mind and allow you to take charge of paying or rejecting ACH transactions.

 ACH Block

A total block is placed on your accounts that will reject any ACH debit or credit. You will then make a decision to accept or reject the transaction

ACH Filter

You will provide the bank your list of acceptable ACH transactions. Any transactions not on the list will be sent to you via online banking. You will then make a decision to accept or reject the transaction

Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

Consolidate your company’s funds into a central operating account, from which subsidiary accounts (called Zero Balance Accounts or ZBAs) for payroll, petty cash or other similar needs, are funded automatically.

Target Balance Management (TBM) 

Manage your cash flow and interest expense more effectively. TBM provides the ability to automatically fund and/or pay down your line of credit based on maintaining a specific balance in your operating account.

Escrow Manager 

For the attorney, CPA, real estate professional, property manager and others that manage escrow funds for their clients.

Heath Savings Accounts

Help to lower the health insurance costs of by establishing Health Savings Accounts for your employees.

Merchant Services   

Enjoy state-of-the-art payment processing solutions, allowing your business to process credit and debit card payments with the same convenience and ease as accepting cash. Includes a full range of credit card services, such as online merchant reporting and next day deposits for further ease.

Corporate Credit Card

Hamilton Bank offers a corporate credit card with cash rewards options

To learn more about any of these Cash Management Services contact us.

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