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Hamilton Bank and Orrstown Bank have officially merged to provide you with a wider range of products and services through more locations and digital channels.  For more information about our transition, please visit our welcome page by clicking the Learn More button below.

Effective May 1, 2019

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UPDATE: All Hamilton Bank offices are closed today (2/20/19) due to weather. Please be safe if you are on the roads.

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  • How to Pick the Right Bank for Your
    Small Business

    A common mistake in shopping for a business banker is looking for the least expensive accounts or the cheapest interest rate, rather than seeking out the best service. Businesses will often settle for less, but then a year later when their business expands and they need funding, the bank they chose can't provide what they need.

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  • Maximize the Structure of Your Accounts

    Sometimes a checking account is all you need. But, if you have a good banker they will get to know your business before making any recommendations. For example, if you have a large sum of cash sitting in a checking account that isn’t part of your regular outgoing expenses, it’s time to look into interest-bearing accounts like a money market account or a “sweep.”

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  • The Advantages of Business & Personal Banking at the Same Bank

    When you’re running your own business, time is always limited, so the convenience of having both your personal and business accounts at the same bank can really pay off. Look for a bank that allows you to keep your business and personal accounts separate for tax purposes, yet enables you to link those two accounts electronically for easy online transfers from one account to another.

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  • The Best Ways to Reduce Your Banking Fees

    Are you racking up fees on accounts you no longer or seldom use? Those fees are also avoidable. Are your accounts linked? With linked accounts you may be able to maintain a higher balance that allows your bank to wave your fees.

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  • How a Line of Credit Can Help Your Business

    A line of credit works best for business owners when it’s used toward growing pains, such as hiring more people and having to meet payroll, increasing inventory to take advantage of a large order discount, or purchasing supplies to take on a new contract. Your banker can tell you if a line of credit is the right choice or if a term loan makes more sense.

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  • How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Small Business Loan

    If business is good, there will likely be an opportunity for growth that requires a loan. Know that your bank will want to see a loan candidate with character, cash flow, capital, collateral and a concrete business plan.

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  • When Money Keeps You Up at Night, Call Your Banker to Put Your Mind at Ease

    Many businesses are cyclical and experience peaks and valleys with cash flow throughout the year. It’s normal to sometimes wait and see if things improve before considering a loan. But don’t wait until your company’s profit and loss statement has tipped beyond repair. Reach out to your banker when all the options are still on the table.

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  • How Online Banking Can Save You Hours
    Every Week

    The more banking you do online, the more time you save. Online banking will change the way you bank, in a very good way. All your transactions are available to you and your designated staff, 24/7. You’re no longer constrained by bankers’ hours, which are typically the most important hours for your business. As a business owner, you have full control and absolute convenience. Don’t give those precious hours away.

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  • It’s Never Too Soon for a Succession Plan

    We know you’re busy growing your business, and why would you ever retire from a business you love? But, you still need a plan in place for the security of your company. Ask your banker what can be done to get your accounts in order. Also ask them to offer recommendations for lawyers, accountants and business planners who specialize in succession planning.

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  • How to Position Your Small Business
    for Acquisition

    Thinking of selling your business? Your banker can help you determine which documents you will need, and may be able to offer insights into making your business look the best it can to a buyer. And even if you aren’t selling soon, there are best practices you can follow now to prepare your business for purchase in the future.

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  • How to Make a Smart Business Acquisition

    Thinking of buying a business? You may be focused on the fact that your business is doubling in size, but your bank will be focused on the size of your new debt and the overall profit you will gain from purchasing this other business. Ask your banker what information they need to see in your plan, so that you may secure a loan toward the purchase of the business.

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