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  • The Benefits of an Add-On CD October 11, 2018
    Article Image - The Benefits of an Add-On CD

    Are you looking for a secure, higher-interest way to save your money towards your goals? An add-on Certificate of Deposit (CD) is the perfect savings product for you. Over the set term of the CD, you will be able to add to your savings and watch it grow at a higher rate than a traditional savings account. Why is the add-on CD such a great addition to the Hamilton Bank suite of savings products?

    What’s an Add-On CD?

    Add-on Certificate of Deposits give you more flexibility than a traditional CD because you can make deposits to the CD after the account has already been opened. Traditional CDs only allow you to put an initial balance, which you leave until the account has matured. An add-on Certificate of Deposit lets you add on funds throughout the life of the CD with the same interest rate.

    Greater Flexibility

    As we mentioned above, add-on CDs provide the maximum amount of flexibility with a CD product. You can add additional funds to your account throughout the lifespan to help you save faster and consolidate other CDs as they expire. This flexibility is invaluable for people who are waiting for other CDs to expire, looking to save over a longer period of time or who are unable to save as consistently as they would like.

    Earn a Higher Interest Rate

    Interest rates are always fluctuating, and an add-on CD with Hamilton Bank affords you an excellent APY over the 19-month CD term. This rate is higher than the average savings account and some money market accounts, so you can lock in a higher rate and get to your goals even faster.

    Save for Your Goals

    Whether you’re preparing for your kids to head to college, working on your down payment for your first home or just trying to build up your nest egg, it can be hard to choose a reliable savings product with great interest rates. Add-on CDs are ideal for savers looking to get the best interest rate possible and build up their funds over a 19-month period.

    Add-on CDs are also excellent tools for consolidating termed CDs and rolling them into a single savings product. At Hamilton Bank, we’ve worked with numerous caregivers who find this to be an excellent savings solution and way to grow their money over the 19-month period.

    Enjoy All of the Benefits of an Add-On CD with Hamilton Bank

    At Hamilton Bank, we are committed to providing our personal, business and commercial banking customers with the best savings products possible. We are introducing a new add-on CD product that is perfect for consolidators and savers. Our add-on CD has a 19-month term with a competitive APY. If you are interested in learning more about our CD options, we are happy to help walk you through the process and find the right match for you. For more information, visit your closest Hamilton Bank branch or call us at 410-823-4510 today!

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